Gas operated

Why choose a gas operated Poffertjes grill ?

The best reason to choose a gass grill instead an electric grill is the absence of electricity
and a gas grill has more energy / capacity.

Our models:
45 holes Poffertjesgrill
35 holes Heart shaped Poffertjesgrill
70 holes Poffertjesgrill
2 x 70 holes Poffertjesgrill
112 holes Poffertjesgrill
140 holes Poffertjesgrill
NEW – 150 holes Classic Poffertjesgrill

It is possible to design custom made Poffertjesgrills
All of our gas Poffertjes baking plates are from a special quality red cupper
for best baking qualities.
For most models it is possible to install a dispenser system.

150 holes Classic Poffertjesgrill

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All orders are send including insurance for care free ordering.

Custom build Poffertjes equipment

We can build any configuration to bake Poffertjes.

This project is custom made for a Dutch customer, 140 holes grill fitted with the stainless steel dispenser system for easy operation.