Where to buy equipment to make the original Dutch Poffertjes
AKA mini Pancakes or silver Dollar Pancakes.

You found our company. Yeeaaaaah 😉
So, you want to start a business with Poffertjes.
Our company is specialised in helping startups
for restaurants, foodtrucks, kiosk, and….
everyone who is serious in making quality Poffertjes.

Poffertjes are the # 1 product with the highest profit margin.

Poffertjes equipment.com is a division of vandeMeester.com
A well known international wholesale company in the fun food division.

We can help you with equipment
Gas operated of electric,
with modern top notch dispenser systems
with baking techniques and recipes.

Try our Golden Poffertjes bakingmix.
Only add water. The # 1 in the world.

We design equipment for Poffertjes.
We have several unique Poffertjesbaking machines.
Our best sellers are
Gas equipment: Pofferjes gass grill 70 holes or 112 holes for full scale production
it is possible to install a dispensser system. This makes operation almost twice as fast and easy.
Electric equipment: 50 holes or 100 holes for daily heavy duty.

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